Buy One - Give One

Save Yourself - Save the Children

  • Be smart and wear a FaceProtector when going out
  • Protect the children - they are particularly vulnerable
  • Quality filtering can reduce risk of infection


Buy a pack of FaceProtectors & Earthchild gives a matching donation to little ones in need and their families to help stop the Covid19 pandemic.

Save the children

Children over the age of two need a protective mask. They are particularly vulnerable because they´re still in the process of growing. Their central nervous, immune, reproductive, and digestive systems are still developing.

In this early stages of their development, exposure to environmental pollutants, toxicants, and viruses can lead to inevitable damages.  Children are playful and can be exposed to dust, chemicals, and viruses since they can crawl on the ground, run around, and touch anything they can put their hands on.

The type 95 FaceProtector has been positioned as a superior filter against penetration of virus particles and face-seal leaks, while allowing less inward leak of environmental particles.

Purchase and Giving Options

Buy2Give – Matching Donation. Donate any amount for purchasing protectors. Double of the ordered quantity will be donated to charity.

BOGO – Buy One and Give One. Order protectors for family, friends or employees. Equal quantity will be donated to charity.

A fleet of aircraft ready to serve

With regular flight schedules cancelled or interrupted as the world closed down on air travel, overload and delays are encountered with regular freight operators. Our fleet of aircraft backed by decades of aviation experience are flying in supplies for governments, health institutions, industry and the general public.

FaceProtect & PersonProtect

Initiatives by the Peace 2000 Foundation in an effort coordinate supply and to fly medical supplies to where needed to fight the epidemic.

Peace 2000 is a non-profit organization that has several times flown humanitarian aid to children in war torn areas. Now that the world needs emergency supplies Peace 2000 has teamed up with the Mirpuri Foundation in Portugal to airlift supplies. The founders of the two non-profit organizations, have decades of experience in the aviation industry, having cooperated together in the business for over 25 years.  Through our vast international network we hope to do our part to help find and move supplies to those in need.

+1 877 405 4999

Worldwide Special Flights or by
sea deliveries available on demand.

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